Sunday 26 August 2012

Curious: Pixar Shorts Mini Collection

We were just recently told that the Pixar Shorts Collection: Volume 2 is due on 13th November, including shorts from Your Friend the Rat to La Luna (presumably), and then this was brought to my attention.

Blog reader, Charl, commented on our post about the Shorts Collection: Volume 2, talking about a "Pixar Shorts Mini Collection" that he'd spotted listed on South African sites. The collection is indeed listed on several sites (see here, here, here and here) for about 30 South African rands, which equates to about £2.30, or $3.60; certainly cheap!

The interesting thing, though, is that no sites, bar one, provide a description. The one description provided sounds exactly like the Pixar Shorts Collection: Volume 1. But look at the cover art! Up their with 2002's Mike's New Car, are the very recent Cars Toons, Moon Mater and Unidentified Flying Mater, and the Toy Story Toons, Hawaiian Vacation and Short Fry. Huh?

Misleading cover art? Maybe. Mistaken description? Maybe. One site says it was released in 2008 - which would make it a ploy to try and get money of unknowing customers - whereas another claims a recent 2012 release date. Who knows, it's confusing, but certainly interesting!

Anybody have R30 spare to find out?

Thanks to Charl for the tip-off!


  1. Thanks for posting this story :) I am assuming the description is the mistake, as none of the other sites have it and the Shorts Vol.1 is still available online in SA, as well as in stores. The South African distributors are not always very reliable, so I guess they did not supply the stores with a description and someone copied the wrong text onto the site. That would be my explanation for the 2008 date on the other site as well. Earlier this year the product was only available on presale, so I do not think the 2012 release date is wrong.

    What I forgot to mention earlier is that, even though all the sites feature the same image, I suspect this to be a European cover. The green triangle with the U and the blue G in the bottom left corner are not symbols used on South African DVDs. Our country uses different age restriction symbols and they are always on the back of the box. I have only seen this on DVDs I ordered from the UK, so I think you can expect the product to make its appearance over there sometime. I do not know what symbols US DVDs use.

    Very interesting! I think I will buy one soon. If I do I will let you know what I get.

    1. No problem! :) Yeah, hard to tell though! Good point about the ratings though. Be sure to let us know (by comment or email) if you do get it! Thanks!