Friday 21 September 2012

Frankenweenie IMAX Poster and 6 New Clips!

As Tim Burton and Disney's Frankenweenie's October release date draws ever closer, we're getting more and more wonderful new videos, images and information! Today, we get six brand new clips from the film, a few featurettes, interviews with the film-makers and a great new IMAX poster!

The "12:01 IMAX Poster" features an original Tim Burton sketch of Sparky, and these awesome rare posters will be given to people who attend a midinght IMAX screening of the film. Check out the clips and other videos after the jump break!

Disney have rolled out six great new clips from the film, showing the film's Burton-esque charm and intensity, and introducing us to more of the great characters that'll populate Burton's latest animated film. We also get to see more of that giant car-crushing foot that we've seen in previous trailers. Collider have compiled the clips into one video, which you can view above!

We also get a couple of goofy vignettes, "Edgar, Bob and Toshiaki" and "The Future", showcasing some of the film's funnier characters, and a great collation of interviews with people involved in the film - including director Tim Burton, producer Allison Abbate, executive producer Don Hahn, and some of the film's talented cast and crew!

The official Frankenweenie Facebook page also brings us some exclusive images and facts from the film's production. For instance, all the characters in Frankenweenie are based on Tim Burton's initial drawings, and "Over 200 puppets and sets were created for the film; there were 17 Victors and 12 Sparkys." And it sure looks great!

Frankenweenie, with its sweet and vintage premise, and its charming animation style, promises to be on of the film's best animated films when it arrives in cinemas [5th October (US), 17th October (UK)].

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