Tuesday 14 January 2014

Bob Iger Confirms Frozen Headed to Broadway!

Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke to Fortune yesterday about the immense success of Walt Disney Animation Studios' runaway hit Frozen, and, particularly, about the company's plans of where to take it from here: namely, Broadway!

The film, as well as receiving critical acclaim (it took home a Golden Globe yesterday), has grossed over $712 million worldwide so far, despite not even having in opened in China or Japan yet. "It was my proudest moment as the CEO of the Walt Disney Company," said Iger of watching Frozen"I realized, 'My goodness, Disney Animation is where it rightfully belongs,'" Iger added."The exhilaration was profound. It's not about the bottom line. The bottom line is for the quarter. This is for something bigger and longer."

In the interview, Iger confirmed that Disney are "in discussions" to develop a Broadway version of the movie. As for when that will apparate, don't get your hopes up for anything soon. "We're not demanding speed," he said. "We're demanding excellence."

The songs do seem tailor-made for Broadway (likely due to the Broadway background of songwriters Robert and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who penned the songs for The Book of Mormon), even if the snow may be a little harder to achieve. As for how to translate it to the stage, Rotoscopers have a great suggestion: add this fan-made reprise of "Do You Want To Build a Snowman?"

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