Thursday 3 April 2014

Totoro Limited Edition T-Shirts!

If you love Studio Ghibli as much as I do (and that's quite a lot), then you go out of your way to commemorate your devotion by looking for awesome fan swag all over the internet. While most people find books, toys, even plush "animals", I still think the best way to show your fanaticism is by wearing it on a t-shirt.

I woke up this morning to find that my favourite online shirt company has released, for 24 hours only, TWO limited edition Totoro designs that are just awesome. Check them out:

The way TeeFury works is simple: they release one (sometimes two) limited edition t-shirts for just 24 hours and if you purchase it for only $11 (plus shipping duh), then it's like you become part of this secret society...I may be stretching that a bit. Regardless, the designs are cool and the fact that you own one of only a few hundred prints of each shirt is kind of awesome to think about.

If you love the graphics above, act fast! There are only 13 hours left... and counting.

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