Tuesday 12 August 2014

Animated Films that Need Blu-ray Releases ASAP

In this day and age, where digital streaming is becoming the norm and physical media is waning, it's nonetheless hard to believe that some of the most celebrated animated films aren't available in HD yet. Here's a list of the films that need a Blu-ray release as soon as possible. This list applies to US releases.
Aladdin (already available in the UK)

One of the most celebrated Disney films of all times is still not available on BD in the US. A Diamond Edition was reportedly coming in Spring 2013, only to be replaced by Peter Pan; rumours that it was coming this fall were then debunked when Disney announced they were re-releasing Sleeping Beauty (a film that has already had a Blu-ray release). Now, the most recent rumour is that it will be released in fall 2015 which is still a long way from now.

101 Dalmatians (already available in the UK)

Another Disney classic that still needs a BD release in the US. Rumour has it that it will get the 'Diamond' treatment in Spring 2015.

Aardman films (Chicken Run/Wallace & Gromit/Flushed Away)

The first three films from the celebrated UK studio (distributed by DreamWorks Animation) are still missing a HD release. Reports surfaced earlier this year that a 3-movie collection Blu-ray release was going to be released in May, but it was just a DVD release. DreamWorks Animation haven't said anything on the matter so we really don't know when we will see these films in glorious 1080p.

The Prince of Egypt

DreamWorks Animation has been very slow at releasing their catalogue titles, but this year they released Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron - a very middling animated film. A much better film, The Prince of Egypt, is still awaiting a BD upgrade. Rumours say that it'll be released around November/December to coincide with the new Ridley Scott film, Exodus: Gods and Kings - but there's no confirmation of that yet.

The Iron Giant

Brad Bird's first film is a fantastic and heartfelt adventure that has been mistreated by its distributor (Warner Bros.) from the start. News arose this year that they were preparing a Blu-ray release, but the director said it was a barebones release and that he wanted a more comprehensive edition (as we all do). How about treating the film right for the first time, Warner?

Studio Ghibli films (most of them) (already available in the UK)

Disney have been very slow releasing these films in the US. But with the news of the revered Japanese Studio taking a break, it's the perfect time for Disney to start releasing the films faster. There has been news surfacing that Kiki's Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke and The Wind Rises are going to be released in November, but still with no official confirmation. However, Miyazaki is not the only Ghibli director - so how about giving us films like Pom Poko, My Neighbours the Yamadas and The Cat Returns as well?

The Triplets of Belleville

Sylvain Chomet's great French film that was nominated for the Oscar but is still missing a Blu-ray release in the US. US distributor Sony Home Entertainment has not given any update on the matter.

Tokyo Godfathers

The late Satoshi-Kon is better known for his last hallucinogenic masterpiece, Paprika, but his previous film is a wonderful and heartfelt adventure of three misfits taking care of a child. As with The Triplets of Belleville, Sony Pictures haven't said anything about an upgrade.

DC Animated Universe

The DC Animated Universe may not be comprised only of films, but it's one of the best animated franchises ever. A universe that includes Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Static Shock, Batman Beyond, Justice League (the only one that have been released on Blu-ray so far) and Justice League Unlimited; these shows not only made DC relevant to audiences of all ages but they are still more highly regarded than many live-action iterations of the characters. Also, in this universe lies one of the best Batman films ever: Mask of the Phantasm, which needs a BD upgrade as well (another solid film, Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero, also needs an upgrade). With Warner celebrating the 75th anniversary of Batman this year by releasing (once more) Burton's Batman and the 60s TV series, why can't they do the same for their animated franchise - which is perhaps their greatest accomplishment of all?

What other animated films do you think need to get Blu-ray upgrades? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. I think it's absolutely crazy that Aladdin, Prince of Egypt, and Iron Giant still don't have Blu Ray releases. I would snatch those up in a heartbeat.