Tuesday 21 April 2015

Warner Bros. Has Some 'Storks' Updates

Nicholas Stoller                                      Doug Sweetland

The Wrap reports that Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland will co-direct Storks for Warner Bros. We talked about the project before, but at the time Doug Sweetland seemed to be the solo director. A release date was also announced: Storks is scheduled for a 23rd September, 2016 opening.

Nicholas Stoller, who's only directed live action before, wrote the script. Doug Sweetland is, on the other hand, a pure animation director; he was in charge of Presto (2008) for Pixar, a short nominated at the Oscars.
Brad Lewis, another former Pixar director, is producing the film along with Stoller. Phil Lord & Chris Miller, John Requa, Glenn Ficarra and Jared Stern will co-produce.

We also learned that Andy Samberg and Kelsey Grammar have joined the voice cast.

Details on the story are unknown. We only gathered that "the film will deliver a fresh and funny look at the fable behind storks".

Storks could be a nice change of pace for Warner Bros., amidst all the LEGO Movies currently in various stages of production at the studio. We should learn more about it soon, as it will actually be released before the next LEGO installments.

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