Sunday 27 February 2011

Hop vs. Rio

So, the animated film battle of the iPod game magnates has begun!

Seemingly in somewhat of a measure to take on Angry Birds and Rio, Illumination Entertainment and their upcoming CGI/Live-Action mash up, Hop, have struck back. In the most recent update for Doodle Jump for iPod Touch and iPhone, the beloved game introduced a new feature; if you change your name to Hop or E.B. (the film's main character) you can play as E.B. in the game.

This is a shrewd move by Illumination Entertainment by associating themselves with arguably one of the most recognisable iOS games out there. Not that the company behind Despicable Me needs any extra advertisement. Saying that, Hop is out on April 1st and Rio on the 15th, so there will be some competition.

You can see screenshots of how to unlock the mode and the actual mode itself above.

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