Saturday 2 July 2011

Brave Updates

Yesterday, we got another stunning image from Pixar's next feature film, Brave. The image (above), shows Merida and the Bear, there is a shocking level of detail on both, and the little nuances are fantastically animated. This certainly looks set to be a visually stunning film.

Secondly, we get some insight into the bear in Brave (which was formerly titled The Bear and The Bow); director, Mark Andrews, spoke with the Scottish newspaper, The Daily Record, about the upcoming film and shared some intricate plot points from the film. Be warned, they contain some spoilers:

"It’s all about the relationship between a mother and daughter, and how this young woman has problems with her mother. When she has a problem with her mother over marriage, she gets a magic spell to try to stop her mother bothering her with the suitor business. But it actually changes her mother into a bear."
Andrews seems enthralled by the beauty of Scotland (when it's not raining ALL the time), saying:

"To set it in Scotland was a no-brainer. It's a place full of stories and full of powerful myths and magic, so what better place to set our story? I love the place. My family came over from Scotland about five centuries ago and my wife and I honeymooned in Scotland."

The record, likewise, seemed impressed with the film, and with Pixar.

I honestly can't wait to see Brave, it sounds fantastic.

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