Wednesday 12 October 2011

Cars 2 Special Features

As the home media release of Pixar's latest feature film, Cars 2, draws ever closer, Disney and Pixar are amping up the advertising and bonus clips to build interest in the film. Today, they have released clips showcasing some of the special features on the Cars 2 DVD and Blu Ray.

Firstly, Pixar released the above clip showing how the animators at Pixar get the movements of their characters so accurate; in this case, the Pixarians were "Getting Behind The Wheel" of fast cars to really get the hang of just how their cars characters would move. This clip provides just a small insight into how the guys from Emeryville research each and every movie, although, to see the full feature, you'll have to buy Cars 2 on DVD or Blu Ray.

We also have a short extract (below) of the brilliant Toy Story Toon, Hawaiian Vacation (directed by Gary Rydstrom), that played with showings of Cars 2, and which will feature on the DVD and Blu Ray releases as well.

The clips, as is the norm for Pixar, are interesting and thoroughly entertaining, but, to see more, be sure to keep your eyes out for Cars 2 on Blu Ray and DVD on November 1 (North America) and November 21 (UK).

Thanks to The Pixar Times.

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