Wednesday 26 October 2011

New Air Mater Images

Along with Cars 2 and the Toy Story short film, Hawaiian Vacation, the home media release of Cars 2 will also feature the tenth, and purportedly final, Cars Toon, Air Mater. As the release of Cars 2 on DVD, Blu Ray and Digital Download approaches - due to be released this November around the world - Disney and Pixar have rolled out some brand new images of the short film.

The short film is supposed to link in to Disneytoon Studios', straight to DVD/Blu Ray, Cars spin-off, Planes, and is the first short film to be entirely produced by Pixar Canada.

Courtesy of The Pixar Times.

Also, worth your time is Greg, from Pixar Talk,'s interview with Rob Gibbs, the director of Air Mater.

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