Saturday 14 April 2012

Classic Cartoons #4 - Snow Place Like Home

Although there's no Bitesized Biography to accompany this week's Classic Cartoon (they take an awful long time to research and write, but it seemed foolish to only post Classic Cartoons with them, as there's so many great shorts to chose from for each animation legend), this one does directly correlate with our last Bitesized Biography, of Walter Lantz.

Last time I shared with you one of the finer outings for Walter Lantz's best known creation, Woody Woodpecker, in the short, The Screwball. However, as I mentioned, perhaps even above Woody in my heart is one of Walter Lantz's other creations, Chilly Willy. The lovable and mischievous penguin was a staple of my childhood and this short film from 1966 entitled, aptly, Snow Place Like Home, and directed by Paul J. Smith emanates from Walter Lantz Productions with an ironic warmth and remains one of Chilly's best outings.

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