Friday 22 June 2012

New Brave Clip and UK Trailer

*Beware of spoilers in both of these videos*

Brave may be out now in the US, but us poor blighters in the UK and in several other territories still have to wait quite a while yet. So, seemingly to pacify us until August, Disney and Pixar have rolled out a brand-new UK trailer for the film on the Walt Disney Studios UK YouTube Channel. Not entirely dissimilar to what we've seen so far in trailers, this latest (and presumably last) trailer has more of a focus on the Witch than we've seen until very recently. It also has more of an upbeat tone than the film's advertising has largely had, yet still focusing on the crucial mother-daughter relationship at the heart of the film.

I particularly loved 1:25 onwards, it has a great epic feel - as does the film in general - and I loved the focus on the characters; Brave is, after all, a character driven film.

We also get a much more solemn, ominous, tense and very, very awesome clip, showing off the wisps that best typify the film's magical elements. This point, and the subsequent few minutes, act as the turning point in the film, and you can really feel the tension being amped up!

Brave is released on 13th August here in the UK (3rd August in Scotland though) and is open now in America!

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