Thursday 14 June 2012

Rise of the Guardians Posters

DreamWorks' official Facebook page just uploaded five new character posters featuring the main cast of characters from their upcoming adaptation of William Joyce's The Guardians of Childhood books, Rise of the Guardians.

The posters showcase the bad-ass character designs for the Easterbunny, now called Bunnymund, (Hugh Jackman, top), Jack Frost (Chris Pine, above-left), the Tooth Fairy, now called Tooth, (Isla Fisher, above-right) and Santa Claus himself, now simply called North (Alec Baldwin, below). We also get a poster for the villainous Pitch, the Boogeyman, (Jude Law, bottom) who is scorned and angry after having to "to endure generations of parents telling their children not to fear or believe in him, while the Guardians are beloved by all."

There's also some character descriptions for the revamped and re-imagined childhood characters, head here and click on the individual posters to read them.

I think I'm going to grab the Bunnymund or North one for my iPod background; Rise of the Guardians looks utterly fantastic and will surely be a huge hit for DreamWorks.

Remember to visit the Rise of the Guardians Facebook page to keep an eye out for future updates.

Rise of the Guardians is due for release on 21st November in the US and just over a week later on the 30th here in the UK.


Whoops, my bad, I overlooked the final character poster, the awesome and visceral Sandman (no voice actor announced yet) poster (below).


  1. I love the Easter Bunny design. Looks very cool.

  2. Ditto! I like his and Santa's designs best.

  3. Same. I'm somewhat excited for this film, but I think it's not gonna be a huge hit internationally, with the differences in popular cultures.
    Basically, in France :
    - Santa Claus : Okay, "le Père Noël" is pretty much the same thing. Exactly even.
    - Easter Bunny : Replaced by Bells. Yes. Bells bring the eggs.
    - Tooth Fairy : Replaced by a small mouse : "la petite souris".
    - Jack Frost : Who is this ???

  4. It looks pretty epic to me, nice feel to it. But yeah, may not be that much of a hit in some countries.

    Jack Frost is the guy who supposedly brings snow and cold weather... not that popular in England...

    Has a great variety though!

  5. I have a new found respect for DreamWorks since I saw HTTYD. Not interested in their sequels, but definitely interested in their now ideas. Hope this one delivers.

  6. Yeah, that was the game changer for them, in my opinion! Then Megamind and Shrek 4 were decent. Kung Fu Panda 2 was extraordinary, their best after HTTYD in my eyes. Puss in Boots was also really good, and Madagascar 3 is meant to be solid.

    They really have stepped up their game in recent years, and Rise of the Guardians has the potential to be a very, very special film.