Monday 5 November 2012

Ralph Wrecks US Box-Office!

If more proof was needed that we're in the third golden age of Disney, here it is. Wreck-It Ralph's being lauded by critics, raved about by fans, and, as evident by these new figures, is raking in a fair amount of coins!

Walt Disney Animation Studios' 52nd animated feature took in a fantastic, estimated, $49.1 million across its opening weekend, says Box Office Mojo. This marks the highest ever opening for a Disney animated feature, beating out Tangled's 2010 $48.8 million opening weekend, and that went on to gross just shy of $591 million, so the future's very bright for Ralph! Box Office Mojo reports:

"The movie's audience skewed younger (57 percent under the age of 25) and male (55 percent), and they gave it a strong "A" CinemaScore. Considering the positive word-of-mouth and lack of competition over the next few weeks, Wreck-It Ralph could be on its way to as much as $200 million at the domestic box office."

In addition, the film took in an estimated $12 million in foreign territories, bringing its current estimated worldwide total, after only 3 days, to $61.1 million!

Wreck-It Ralph - which is preceded by John Kahrs' Paperman - opens here in the UK on 15th February.

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