Friday 1 February 2013

UPDATED: New Frozen Posters Give Us a Look at its Main Characters

Argentinian movie blog Cine 1 has got three cool (pun intended) new posters for Disney's next animated film, Frozen. The posters are nice and hi-res, but un-nice and scrawled with the site's logo (though a great poster resource, Cine 1 are notorious for watermarking everything).

In addition to the nice title poster above, Cine 1 have two posters which show off the sisters at the heart of Frozen: Anna and Elsa (both below). At the time of writing, Cine 1 has just taken the posters off their site (Disney is apparently emailing round getting people to take them down, so check them out while you can).

As was very obvious when we got our first look at her in December, Anna - Frozen's Disney princess and "a fearless optimist" - looks a lot like Tangled's Rapunzel. It looks like someone's trying to rip Disney off - the irony being that it's Disney that's trying to do it. To be fair, it is a really good design, and their are definite physical similarities between quite a few of the classic Disney princesses, let's just hope the characterisation's unique.

I'm not too sold on the design of Elsa - she looks like she should be in one of the Tinkerbell movies... I don't want to be negative about a film I'm very much excited about though, and the design of the posters and the frosty layout is very, very nice - I'd set one of them as my iPod wallpaper if it wasn't for the obtrusive Cine 1 logos.

Frozen is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen and is being directed by Chris Buck (Tarzan) and Jennifer Lee (screenplay, Wreck-It Ralph); it hits cinemas in the US on 27th November and in the UK on 6th December.

Via Big Screen Animation.

UPDATE - 18:57 (GMT), 02/02/2013: Apparently the posters are fake, but the character designs are legit nonetheless. I assume we'll see Disney's actual posters shortly.

Via The Rotoscopers.


  1. I disagree about Elsa's design. I absolutely love it! I like her look a lot more than Anna's (who definitely comes off more Rapunzel-ish). Although I'm still biased from the concept art photos of Elsa, which I think are even more gorgeous and sexy.

    I was always concerned which how the 2D concepts would transfer to 3D, but I feel that Disney did a decent job. Would have loved to have seen this as a traditionally animated film though!

    1. Hmm, to each their own I guess, haha!

      Yeah, I absolutely adore Tangled's CG, and this seems to be striking a similar feel, but I can't help but think how great it'd look with hand drawn animation - using the Paperman technology even. Ah well, still looks great!

  2. It's been confirmed that these posters are fake, but the character designs are final.

  3. I think if Anna's eyes were blue and her hair was black she wouldn't look like Repunzel. I agree with you on Elsa, she does kind of look like a Tinker Bell charcter. Also to me she looks like a young girl and an older person combined.

  4. I just think they look like Barbie dolls. Maybe the comparison with characters from the Tinkerbell movies is more accurate though.

    Mainly, I can't help but think that Merida has more character even in an image than these do. But then, Pixar tops even Disney's own in-house 3D studio in quality so that's probably why.

  5. William Jardine15 June 2013 at 17:28

    Disney and Pixar just have so contrasting designs, particularly when it comes to humans. Disney ones *do* tend to look a lot more cartoony, when in 3D that can lend itself to the Barbie look you mention.

    But then, I do actually quite like the designs. Not greatly, but they look fun.