Friday 8 March 2013

Japanese Monsters University Trailer Shows Off Lots of New Footage - And a Lot of the Plot

Japanese trailers are a curious thing. On the one hand, they're always really good, often very emotional, and lend a lot of charm and excitement to the promotion of whatever film they're made for (see last year's awesome Brave one for an example). On the other hand, however, they're always extremely spoiler-heavy, showcasing a sizeable portion of a film's major plot-points. With that in mind, check out this new spoiler heavy Japanese trailer for Pixar's Monsters University!

The trailer shows a couple of bits that we saw in the new trailer last month, but a heck of a lot of what's here is new. (Again, look away now if you've not watched the trailer and want to avoid spoilers). Firstly, this trailer starts with a school trip to Monsters, Inc., featuring a much younger (and cuter) Mike - this trip seemingly fosters Mike's desire to be a scarer. From there, as director Dan Scanlon told us in the extended preview for the film that we got last month, it seems Mike and Sulley are kicked off the scare program and forced into joining together to try and win their way to Monsters, Inc.. It also seems that Mike gets stranded in the human world for a portion of the movie. As in previous promotion, it certainly looks as if the spotlight's more on Mike in Monsters U.

Oddly, in a slight difference from the English trailer, the young slug who doesn't want to be late for class is sporting some significantly more prominent teeth here... Check out a new Argentinian triple-poster for Monsters University above too (via Pixar Brasil Blog).

Monsters University hits US cinemas on 21st June and UK ones on 12th July.

Via Pixar Post.

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