Wednesday 17 April 2013

DreamWorks Bits: The Croods To Get a Sequel; New Turbo Poster

This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to those who've been keeping up to date with how the film's been performing at the box office (particularly, that it's a significant improvement over Rise of the Guardians), but Deadline reports that DreamWorks have green-lit a sequel to The Croods - which will be announced at CinemaCon tomorrow (check out our coverage of Disney's CinemaCon news here). says that directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco are set to return to helm the sequel, and that the voice cast are expected to participate as well. It's a predictable move - not a bad one, but not a particularly exciting one either. I rather liked the film; Damien, less so, but he still thought it was definitely a good film; DreamWorks have been on top form as of late, and The Croods 2 could be a lot of fun - heck, there's a lot more of pre-history to explore. I'd much sooner have soon a Rise of the Guardians sequel though...

Before The Croods 2 though (which will likely land in 2016/17), DreamWorks will release Turbo this summer (19th July, US; 18th October, UK), and today, we got a new hi-res poster for the film - featuring the trademark DreamWorks smirk. A Netflix-original continuation series is currently in production. Check the poster out above.


  1. The Croods 2 : meh... Not really interested in a sequel. The advertising will have to be real good to get me in a theater seat for this one. Good luck !

    Turbo poster : the return of the DreamWorks smirk.

  2. Munir Abedrabbo19 April 2013 at 21:26

    I agree. Hopefully the sequel will correct some of the original mistakes. Turbo looks like one of the least interesting animated films of the year IMO.

  3. I'm not all too fussed on a Croods sequel, but I did really like the first, so I'm optimistic. And I am actually warming to Turbo - since the last trailer anyway.

  4. Yes, I got the impression from the last trailer that it has a nice message.

    But back on the poster. I find it disturbing. Not only is the main character giving us the DreamWorks smirk, it looks like all the snails on this picture are doing their very own variation of the DreamWorks smirk. Once you noticed that, you can't think of anything else and you want to shoot at them "Why are you freaks looking at me like that ? STOP IT !!!".

    You know it's true.