Monday 11 May 2015

Is 'The Iron Giant' Coming Back to Theaters?

Brad Bird is currently promoting Tomorrowland (which is releasing pretty soon), but Collider asked him a question about one of his earlier films - the first feature he directed, in fact: The Iron Giant. And it looks like the 1999 animated film could be re-released in theaters.

Now, Brad Bird doesn't say a re-release will occur this year, or even that this is definitely happening, but it seems like Warner Bros. and the director are working together and that something is coming our way. It may be a small re-release, it could be a larger one or it could just be a Blu-Ray… We don't know yet, but fans of The Iron Giant have been given reasons to hope. Here's an excerpt of the Brad Bird interview:
Going back into the movie theater can mean a lot of things. It could mean a studio re-release. It could mean a smaller re-release like Wizard of OZ 3D. It could mean as small a release as a Fathom Event where they show it one night only. So that whole arena is changing and becoming a much more flexible arena. So when it becomes that flexible, it becomes less scary to a studio because they’re hemmed into one, super-expensive, risky thing. They can try it a number of different ways. I think the main thing Warner Bros. has to hear is that there’s an audience for it.
Warner Bros. failed this brilliant film when it was first released. It would only be fair to see a re-release happen - and it would make sense: The Iron Giant has developed a cult following, with more people discovering the movie every year. I'm guessing a lot of people who missed it in 1999 would be more than willing to see it on a big screen at least once.

You can find more Brad Bird quotes and even a video of the interview at

Would you be interested in a re-release of The Iron Giant?

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