Wednesday 22 June 2011

Brave Poster Debuts

The first poster for Pixar's first fairytale, Brave, has debuted online (above). The scenery and general look of the poster is absolutely stunning, the poster is fantastic. Make sure you arrive early to cinemas if you want to see the teaser trailer for Pixar's 13th feature film, as it's rumoured that it won't go up online.

Update have now debuted the official, hi-res, version of the poster. The poster is also accompanied on, by some thoughts on the film, trailer and poster, from director, Mark Andrews. More on Brave will be detailed in the June 24 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Update No. 2

We now have an ultra hi-res version of the poster (now pictured at the top), courtesy of Bleeding Cool. Also, although I didn't notice it, while reading The Pixar Times, I noticed that Samad pointed out, that we can see 'the Bear' (previously in the title of the film, back when it was The Bear and The Bow), staring at Merida.

See it?

Nope? Neither did I. But, if you focus on one of the 'rocks'. Below you can see a zoomed in version of the poster, highlighting the bear.

This gives the film much more of a darker feel; it also makes it seem way more epic. I honestly can't wait for Brave.

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