Thursday 25 October 2012

New Wreck-It Ralph TV Spots as the Release Draws Closer!

As the US release of Wreck-It Ralph (2nd November) draws ever closer, the advertising is reaching frenzy levels, as Disney are going all out on promoting what promises to be a big hit for the Mouse House.

This advertising includes the above TV spot, showcasing some of the ecstatic early reviews of the film- which promises to be one of, if not the best, animated films of the year!

Disney also rolled out a great new featurette, with the voice cast, director (Rich Moore) and producer (Clark Spencer) of Ralph, and some great new footage! It reveals a few plot points that (as far as I'm aware), haven't been mentioned up until now - some may consider them spoilers though - like the apparent love-dynamic between Fix-It Felix, Jr. (Jack McBrayer) and Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch). And I'm more and more touched by the Ralph-Vanellope relationship with each trailer; Wreck-It Ralph just gets more exciting by the day!

Check out some cool screenshots from the videos (including the Disney castle inside an Arcade box!) below.

Wreck-It Ralph is out in US cinemas one week tomorrow! Alas, us Disney fans in the UK have a longer wait - until 15th February, 2013 - ahead of us, but it certainly looks like it'll be worth the wait.

Speaking of potential animated films of the year, check out our competition to win a free copy of The Art of Rise of the Guardians!

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