Monday 1 October 2012

What If: Fan-Made "Indiana Jones: The Animated Adventures" Artwork

Artist Patrick Schoenmaker ponders what if in some recent Deviant Art work. Particularly, what if Indiana Jones was remade as an animated TV series? That stimulus led Patrick to create these great and lively stills for what he imagines Indiana Jones: The Animated Adventures would look like!

A post on his blog even shows a snippet from some (very brief) animation he's done on the premise, so we might even see a couple of shorts - √° la Robb Pratt's Superman Classic films. The artwork is so authentic looking, they looks like stills from a 90s/early-2000s Saturday morning cartoon! I particularly like the character models of Indy, his Dad, Short Round and Marcus - Patrick's captured the characters perfectly!

Hell, as First Showing points out, we got Back to the Future, Men in Black and Ghostbusters cartoon series, there's plenty for Star Wars, and with the Indiana Jones: Complete Adventures Blu Ray set making its rounds, what better time to start an Indy series? Check out the rest of the artwork here and on Patrick's Deviant Art page!

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