Sunday 9 June 2013

DreamWorks Heading Down Under to Make Larrikins

DreamWorks have a heck of a schedule at the moment: sequels including How to Train your Dragon 2Kung Fu Panda 3 and Puss in Boots 2, original films like B.O.O. and Trolls, and musicals like Mumbai Musical, are all on the way. And a few days ago, they announced another film on the horizon, Larrikins.

Herald Online broke the news, describing the film as "a Rollicking All-Animal Musical Set in Australia." They then go on to a more lengthy synopsis:

"Larrikins tells the story of an uptight bilby (a desert-dwelling marsupial), who has lived a sheltered life in the safety of his family burrow. When he ventures out and becomes privy to a dangerous secret, he finds himself launched on a musical adventure across the mystical and untamed Australian outback. The film will be managed by DreamWorks Animation Head of Development Gregg Taylor and Development Executive Amie Karp."

Comedian-actor Tim Minchin will write the music for Larrikins.

Larrikins is being written by Harry Cripps (Supernova) and produced by Christina Steinberg (Rise of the Guardians). No director has yet been named. Of note, an Aussie, comedian and musician Tim Minchin is on-board to write the music and lyrics for the film. Minchin recently wrote songs for the multi-Tony nominated Matilda the Musical.

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Minchin commented, "I was lucky enough to grow-up in Western Australia and know that the Australian outback is vast and spell-binding and heart-stoppingly beautiful, and the characters that inhabit it are unique and hilarious and tough and cheeky. I am hugely excited to be working with Harry and the DreamWorks Animation team in their mission to capture some of this unique aesthetic and quirky, iconoclastic culture on film. It's going to be bloody good fun."

DreamWorks' head honcho, Bill Damaschke.

With DreamWorks Animation's CCO Bill Damaschke adding "We've been looking to work with the immensely talented Tim Minchin on something for a while, and there is no doubt that this project is a perfect fit."

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Well, DreamWorks sound excited, and it certainly sound like a different direction for the Shrek-shack; we can't wait to hear more.

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