Sunday 16 June 2013

Turbo-tastic New Clips for DreamWorks' Snail-Racing Comedy

No, not that Turbo-tastic. DreamWorks have released 5 new TV spots for Turbo, their Ryan Reynolds-starring, kinda-like-Cars-and-Ratatouille, raicin' snail comedy. And, should this apply to you, you can watch the previous trailer in 3D too (here).

The spots, which are actually very funny (not to mention the gripping visuals) mainly showcase Turbo's motivation and the cast of characters that help and hinder his race to fulfil his dremas. As well as Reynolds, the film stars the voices of Paul Giamatti, Michael Peña, Snoop Dogg, Maya Rudolph and Samuel L. Jackson.

Turbo, directed by feature first-timer, David Soren, hits on the 17th of next month in America, and 18th October in the UK.

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