Friday 21 June 2013

Futurama, A Swan Song - Week 1

As you probably know, Futurama is nearing its end - possibly forever, this time. But we at A113Animation won't just let this brilliant animated sci-fi show go. Not that easily. Not without a proper goodbye. This is why we will be mini-reviewing each new Futurama episode in the upcoming weeks. Until it's all over.
The last season debuted this Wednesday on Comedy Central, with two new episodes. Here is what we have to say about those (mild spoilers ahead).

2-D Blacktop
Put on 2-D Glasses Now

This ultimate Futurama season starts with the Professor feeling a need for speed. Unfortunate events lead to his departure from Planet Express. He then meets a street racing gang in a contest, where the Planet Express ship (newly renamed Bessie) shows off unsuspected potential. Meanwhile, Leela builds a new ship for the Planet Express crew. Unlike Bessie, her ship is safe. Too safe. So safe it bores everyone. When the Professor and Leela clash in an epic race to see who is the best driver, things take a turn for the weird...
The beginning of the episode is surprisingly slow, considering the plot. And some scenes involving the street racing gang are an extremely rare case of Futurama trying to be funny and not succeeding. But things get better when Leela and the crew go on an uneventful adventure. What is boring to them is very funny to us. And then, there's the third and final act. This is really the exciting part, and Futurama at its best. It's a shame they didn't extend that part of the story, as it's full of crazy and hilarious ideas. All in all, 2-D Blacktop is a pretty solid start to the season.
Favourite Quote
Amy: "Do you think they're… dead?"
Hermes: "No, no. I choose to believe they're alive in some other dimension. Screaming in agony."
Amy: "I hope so."

Fry and Leela's Big Fling
Watch It Or Die Trying

This is one of the stories that focus on the Fry-Leela relationship, and one of the few where they form a real couple. They take a dream vacation on a seemingly paradisial location, to get away from the Planet Express crew. As you could expect, things don't go exactly according to plan. During their absence, Amy, Bender and Zoidberg have to make a delivery on Simian 7, the planet of the primates.
Not as strong as 2-D Blacktop, this episode's main problem is its Fry-Leela storyline. Which is a pretty big issue since it's supposed to be the heart of the show. But Fry and Leela's Big Fling is saved by a funny B-plot, appearances of familiar faces and creatures, and a clever twist that gives sense to the whole episode.
Favourite Quote
Bender: "After they said I had an obnoxious ego? Me, the magnificent Bender?"

11 episodes left...

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