Monday 23 March 2015

Tomm Moore's Next Project: Wolfwalkers

Tomm Moore

The talented director of The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea recently gave an interview to Vox, where he talks about his inspirations for his latest film. Even more interestingly, Tomm Moore also reveals what his next project at Cartoon Saloon will likely be.

After mentioning The Breadwinner, currently in production and directed by Nora Twomey (who was co-director on The Secret of Kells), he evokes his next film which will apparently be called Wolf Walkers. Here's what Tomm Moore had to say when asked about the future:
The studio is busy with Nora Twomey's new feature, called The Breadwinner. It's a co-production with Canada, and it's about a little girl in Afghanistan who has to dress up as a boy, so that she can provide for her family. It's set in 2001. She's a storyteller, so we've kind of got two styles. There's almost ancient Persian art or ancient Afghan art when she tells her stories, and then there's the real world, the everyday world. That's an interesting project that's going ahead now.
I'm in the middle of writing the next film I'll do. It's based on Irish folklore. It's called Wolfwalkers, and it's about the time during the English Civil War when Oliver Cromwell decided to get rid of all the wolves out of Ireland, to symbolically tame Ireland. And at the same time, there's these legends about people that when they were asleep, they could become wolves. So it's kind of a story based on all that stuff. I have a pretty good first draft now, and we're going to go ahead and try to get that developed this year.
This would not be the first time Tomm Moore animates wolves, as proven by the picture below, taken from The Secret of Kells.

Both these projects sound interesting, and we're looking forward to seeing The Breadwinner and Wolfwalkers in the upcoming years.

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