Saturday 27 July 2013

Futurama, A Swan Song - Week 6

Previously on Futurama, A Swan Song : Week 5. Which was easily the least good episode of this season so far. Can Futurama turn things around with Calculon 2.0? Let's find out, in this mini-review (spoilers included).

Calculon 2.0
The Only Show Broadcast At The Speed Of Light

Calculon, the greatest acting unit ever, committed suicide one episode last season (The Thief of Baghead). Now he has been replaced in the soap opera All My Circuits, and the lack of Calculon in the TV show is threatening Fry and Bender's friendship. Thankfully, the Professor has some good news: it's possible to bring a dead robot back to life, using science…
This episode doesn't have the most imaginative story Futurama has ever offered, but Calculon is such a great character, and the writing so funny, that it really doesn't matter. The humour is right on the money in this one. Particularly when the Professor's scientific way of bringing Calculon back to life looks more and more like a satanic ritual with each new step; or when Dan Castellaneta's Robot Devil is involved. And this week's show also says something about leaving while you're on top of your game - something Futurama might do very soon.
Favourite Quote
Bender: "Okay. Just sit tight till they call a fake name I made up for you."
Casting director: "Mr. Derisgreat? Mr. Ben Derisgreat?"

6 episodes left…

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