Tuesday 30 July 2013

The A113Animation Podcast, Episode 3 - Monsters University

Episode 3 of A113Animation's flagship - and for that matter, lone - podcast is now online! We were going to have the full team this week, but that plan went somewhat awry. Nonetheless, Damien's back this week, and joining him and me on the show is our live-action Disney writer, Nadine! The three of us reviewed Pixar's latest offering, Monsters University (which has only just arrived on all of our shores this month), along with some chatter about recent animated trailers (yes, so there's less griping about Disney's lack of Frozen promotion!). We also dip into the world of giant robots and aliens for a brief discussion of Pacific Rim, too.

As usual, enjoy the show, get in touch and, if you're particularly moved by the show, you could always help us out by heading on over to our Support page. The episode is available on Podomatic now, and will be appearing in our iTunes feed and Stitcher playlist very soon.

News [00:01:26]
Pacific Rim discussion [00:23:53]
Monsters University discussion [00:33:47]
  • We talk The Blue Umbrella:
    • It's not showing on most French screenings of the film.
    • People still don't seem used to Pixar films having shorts before them.
    • The music, the animation, etc. were all great.
    • But William was a bit underwhelmed by the actual short.
  • It was a very bold move to make a prequel, rather than a sequel.
  • Risky, though, repositioning the film onto Mike, after the response to Pixar's repositioning Cars 2 onto Mater.
  • William prefers Brave. Damien and Nadine do not.
    • Does the general consensus that Monsters U is better than Brave undermine the argument that Pixar should be focusing more on original projects?
    • Nadine forgets Cars 2 exists.
  • Comparisons to Despicable Me 2 - which we'll discuss on the show next month.
  • Characters we liked in the film.
    • Art and Squishy are particular favourites.
    • Nadine liked Terry and Terri, Damien liked Professor Brandywine.
  • Spoiler-filled section [00:58:53]:
    • William didn't like the opening. Damien and Nadine did.
    • Was Randall's "turn to the dark side" a little rushed?
    • Hilarious references back to Monsters, Inc..
    • Easter egg spotting.
    • We all agree that the film has a great moral message.
    • We rank our top Pixar films.
      • Damien thinks Monsters U is better than Toy Story 2. He is wrong.
    • Listener opinions.
  • Our ratings [01:15:06]
  • Nadine's seen Planes. But she can't tell you about it... much. The review will be up on 7th August.
Recorded Saturday 21st July, 2013. Runtime 01:17:58, 71.4 MB

Official description for the episode: From the animation news, views, reviews and interviews site, A113Animation.com, comes the A113Animation Podcast! Hosted by William Jardine, and co-hosted by Damien Chevrier and Munir Abedrabbo, join us as we discuss everything animated - and a lot more besides.

On episode 3 of the A113Animation Podcast, it's William, Damien and Nadine Shambrook talking animation. Munir's out this week, but the latest trio discuss recent animated trailers (including the ones for Frozen, The Lego Movie, The BoxTrolls and How to Train Your Dragon 2), recent Disney news and Comic-Con. Then there's a discussion of explosion-y blockbuster Pacific Rim. The main event though, is a discussion of Pixar's latest, Monsters University, including the attached short film, The Blue Umbrella. As previously, the review is split into spoiler-free and spoiler-filled sections (see the show notes for a time-breakdown of what happens when). Listen to and download episode 3 of the A113Animation Podcast now!

Full show notes at http://www.a113animation.com/2013/07/the-a113animation-podcast-episode-3-monsters-university.html

The intro and outro used are "The Adventures of Tintin" by John Williams and is copyright Sony Classical. All clips used are copyright their respective owners. Else, all rights reserved.


Episode 4 of the A113Animation Podcast will focus on Despicable Me 2 and will be out mid-late August.

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