Tuesday 28 May 2013

Watch: New Trailer for Disney's Planes

If Disney are trying to stress that this isn't a Pixar film and is not an official Cars film, they're not doing a great job; starting this new trailer with stands full of spectating cars - which could have been ripped straight from Cars or Cars 2 - and commentator Brent Mustangburger - who also featured in Cars 2 - certainly doesn't make it look inherently different. It fits into the Cars world well, but this isn't going to help tell people that Planes is not a Pixar film...

That said, the trailer is a lot of fun. Planes was never going to be an emotional powerhouse, and it certainly seems to explore primarily the same themes as Cars, but it's astonishing how much I've came around, and the film looks pretty enjoyable. The animation and visuals are beautiful (up there with Pixar's), the kids will lap up the cooky characters, and the identity issues and Old Yeller jokes really made me laugh. Ripslinger seems to be rather a generic, growly-voice bad guy though...

Planes, which comes from the folks at DisneyToon Studios and is directed by Klay Hall (Tinker Bell), hits cinemas on 9th August (US)/16th August (UK).

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