Friday 27 May 2011

Tangled Blu Ray Review

As Tangled is finally released on Blu Ray and DVD over here in the UK, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the quality of the Blu Ray. This will review the visuals and sounds, not the film, I have already penned my extensive thoughts on Disney's 50th Animated Feature Film, which was absolutely fantastic and I can be quoted as saying that "Tangled is the best animated film made by Disney (and not Pixar) in over a decade. It was great to see a return to the magical Disney of the nineties to commemorate the 50th Disney Animated Film."

The picture quality in Tangled is superb; the HD visuals are fantastic, visceral, sharp and vibrant. The colours are all brilliantly articulated and the little details and nuances are intricate and crisp, this is particularly potent and visible on the hairs on Rapunzel and Flynn and, perhaps more so, on the bright, vivacious and effervescent look of the grass. Everything in Tangled looks so lush and realistic, yet not too realistic to detract from the animated feel of the film. Likewise, the character animation is top-notch, everything is detailed but also exaggerated and accentuated to look like old-fashioned 2D animation - like the size of Rapunzel's eyes (almost Anime like) and the blur and squishing and stretching of moving characters; it is a very intelligent animation style that clearly required a lot of effort and a large dose of kudos should go to the genius that is Glen Keane.

Similarly, the sound quality is splendid, the 7.1 surround sound is great and really effective. There is a nice fluctuation between scenes and the sound effects and voices are clear and detailed. Also, as this is a musical, the music is as good as it should be and helps to enforce the generally jaunty, up-beat feel of the film.

All in all, the Blu Ray quality is just superb and all just enhances a great film to the point where it can stand almost toe to toe with some of the best Disney classics. Tangled is just an all round winner and I can see it being my favourite animated Blu Ray film for the next few months, until the release of The Lion King this Autumn. So, overall, adding to a 9/10 film rating, I'd give Tangled a 10/10 Blu Ray rating; all combining to an extremely solid product and a must buy for die-hard Disney fans and casual viewers alike.

Want to find out for yourself? You can order a Double Play (DVD + Blu Ray) of Tangled by clicking above (UK link).

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