Friday 30 May 2014

Watch: Stunning First Trailer for The Book of Life

Reel FX came onto the animation scene last November with Free Birds, the critically-panned time-travelling turkey film. Yeah, not the best of debuts... But the studio seems set to easily leap over that low bar with their follow-up, the Day of the Dead-inspired The Book of Life. And they've just released a rather great first trailer for it; check it out below.

Friday 23 May 2014

Watch: Marvel-lous First Teaser Trailer for Big Hero 6

Yesterday we shared with you some brand spanking new stills, a poster and a teaser for the teaser for Disney's next animated pic, Big Hero 6. And, shortly thereafter, WDAS released the first teaser trailer for the film! And it's great. Check it out below!

Thursday 22 May 2014

Meet Hiro and Baymax in First Stills, Poster and Footage from Disney's Big Hero 6!

Disney are beginning the hype again. With their 54th animated feature, Marvel-adaptation Big Hero 6, coming this November, the Mouse House has started releasing our first proper looks at the film! With a trailer coming later today, first check out the official stills, poster and teaser trailer teaser (yeah, really...) here!

Monday 19 May 2014

First Teaser for Disney's Cinderella!

The first trailer for the new adaptation of Cinderella found its way online a few days ago! Check it out below.

Sunday 11 May 2014

If Frozen Was a Horror Movie, It Would Be Very Creepy - And Something Like This

If you're starting to tire of the platoons of Frozen parodies, covers, tributes and videos... then here's another one! And, if you are tiring of the sweetness and Disney-ness of the film, this might be just the parody/cover/tribute/video for you: this video wonders what a horror version of Frozen would look like. And it's really rather good.

If Studio Ghibli Films Were Like Other Anime

Earlier this week, I got an amazing surprise on my Facebook account. A video by College Humor  which takes some pretty hilarious liberties in re-imaging Studio Ghibli films as if they were like most Japanese anime. Take a look for yourself. And you're welcome:

When Marnie Was There Cast and Stills

When Marnie was There is due out in Japan on 19th July of this year, and, as is the norm at this point, there are no current release dates for English-speaking countries. However, two Japanese voice artists have been cast, and there are new stills from the film.

Sunday 4 May 2014

The Pixar Secret We Never Heard Of

Will you spot the hidden reference?

In the last few days, an online buzz has caught our attention. According to this Huffington Post article, there's a hidden reference to a certain A113 in nearly every Pixar movie. 
At A113Animation we love that sort of stuff, and, learning about that story, we immediately saw its potential; obviously we had no clue there was this recurring A113 Easter egg in the Pixar films, or what it referenced.
But we thought it would be interesting to share our reaction to this brand new discovery.

Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Revealed (May the Fourth Be With You!)

It's a bit delayed from us (apologies!), so surely everyone knows by now but if you don't - THE CAST FOR STAR WARS HAS BEEN REVEALED. (It's a good day for the post though - happy Star Wars day!)

The cast and crew of Star Wars: Episode VII