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About A113Animation: A113Animation is a site dedicated to news, views, reviews and interviews from the world of animation. Founded in November 2010, A113Animation covers all the shakings and happenings of feature animation, with a range of features looking at all facets of the medium. Editor-in-Chief and founder, William Jardine, was historically the head writer, but now Damien Chevrier handles most of the news coverage; but A113Animation has a great team of writers behind it as well, also including Munir Abedrabbo and Nadine Shambrook.

We, like you presumably, have been influenced greatly by animation all our lives, specifically Disney and Pixar. We love hearing from our readers, and are very grateful for the traffic and interaction.

A113Animation have now made it our mission to bring you all the latest animation news and keep you up to date with the ever active animated realm.

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About William Jardine (Founder/Editor-in-Chief): William Jardine is a huge cinephile - with particular adoration, obviously, for animation (chiefly, Pixar). Having loved animation all his life, he decided, in November 2010, to try and put this love to a more useful purpose than pestering his friends: thus A113Animation was born.

His favourite films include Toy Story 2E.T., Pretty Woman, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Up (an eclectic bunch); his favourite TV series include Breaking Bad, Peep Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Simpsons and Game of Thrones. He particularly admires the work of Brad Bird, Pete Docter, Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg. He is also a Computer Science graduate from Lancaster University. He hails from Carlisle, England.

You can hear William Jardine's views on a few others facets of the animation blogosphere, including The Scotty Jo Podcast (episodes 47 and 14) and The Rotoscopers (also, check out the guest article William wrote for The Rotoscopers here). He also co-hosted the short-lived A113Animation Podcast...

Follow William Jardine on Twitter, @WilliamKJardine; you can also find him on Letterboxd.

About Damien Chevrier (Head Writer: News, Reviews, Editorials): Damien Chevrier is a Tintinophile. Living in France, he loves animation in general - Pixar in particular. And he's a Tintinophile. He likes TV shows, like Sherlock and Doctor Who. Also, he's a Tintinophile.

Damien is A113Animation's go-to Tintin guy, presenting a series of reviews and editorials about things old and new in the Tintin-world; he also wrote the "Futurama, A Swan Song" and "French Animation" mini-review columns. Since February 2015, he is also the head news writer. He also co-hosted the short-lived A113Animation Podcast...

Follow Damien Chevrier on Twitter, @Archibald_H.

Munir Abedrabbo
About Munir Abedrabbo (Writer: News, Reviews, Editorials): Munir Abedrabbo is a filmmaking student in Quito, Ecuador. He is an animation lover and wants to write and direct animated features (live-action too). His ultimate goal is to work for Pixar Animation Studios as he considers it the best animation studio around today. He enjoys reading and analysing films of any kind, as well as writing essays or reviews about them. He is currently writing a short film that is going to be shot in the summer.

Munir, as well as covering a wide range of animated releases, is a particular Disney-specialist, writing book and film reviews, he also wrote the weekly Wednesday "Disney Retrospective" for over a year; he also occasionally dips into news coverage - he's our most clued-in Blu-ray guy and now handles Studio Ghibli news. He also co-hosted the short-lived A113Animation Podcast...

Follow Munir Abedrabbo on Twitter, @maac027.

Nadine Shambrook
About Nadine Shambrook (Writer: News, Reviews): Remembering her first cinema experience at the age of 2, Nadine Shanbrook has always had a special place in her heart for film. She is obsessed with collecting Disney DVDs and bores all of her friends with pointless film ‘trivia’. Some of her favourite films include The Lion King, The Prestige, Super 8, Singin’ in the Rain and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. She wishes there were more films about Dinosaurs, and Arrested Development makes her cry (with laughter).

Nadine is A113Animation's live-action Disney correspondent; her stomping ground includes a cacophony of cool stuff like Marvel, Star Wars, The Muppets and more. She covers all news concerning those subjects, and offers up reviews when relevant. She also blogs about TV and film at Sunshine in Autumn.

Follow Nadine Shambrook on Twitter, @nadineshambrook.


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