Monday 19 December 2011

Final A113Animation Award Nominations - The One to Watch Out For

Last week, I revealed the nominations for the 2nd Annual A113Animation Awards, which will be revealed on the 29th December; I've just now revealed one last batch of nominations for the awards, the 'The One to Watch Out For' Award, to declare which animated film will be the one to keep your eyes on most in 2012.

The nominations for the 'The One to Watch Out For' Award are:
  • Brave - Disney/Pixar
  • Ice Age 4 - Blue Sky Studios
  • The Lorax - Illumination Entertainment
  • Rise of the Guardians - DreamWorks Animation
  • Wreck-It Ralph - Disney Animation
DreamWorks' Madagascar 3 only just lost out on a nomination to Blue Sky Studios's Ice Age 4. This award, along with all of the others, will be revealed on the 29th. Also, of note, is that the Best Animated Film award will be revealed by a special star, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Also, remember to vote in the poll to the right for your favourite animated film from 2011, to decide The People's Favourite Animated Film award.

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