Tuesday 6 March 2012

Epic, Intense Japanese Brave Trailer

Although we've seen a glut of Brave coverage, trailers and clips over the past few weeks, strangely enough the thing that does the best job of hyping Pixar's next feature film and building a paramount sense of anticipation and intensity, is not even in the English language.

Above you'll see the Japanese trailer for Brave (with English subtitles) - there dubbed Merida and the Forest of Fear - which is by far the most intense and epic promotional material we've seen for Pixar's thirteenth feature film so far. A combination of the brilliantly atmospheric voiceover and the focus on character, story and the film's environmental message means that this trailer really leaves you not able to wait for release date.

Although I've read many call it spoiler heavy, there seems to be very little in the trailer that we haven't already heard about in plot synopses - that said, it does show us a lot of previously unseen and, obviously, brilliant footage.

Brave roars into theatres on 22nd June (North America), 21st July (Japan) and 17th August (UK).

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