Tuesday 19 August 2014

Pixar's The Good Dinosaur Getting "Completely Reimagined"

While Pixar is getting ready to release their much anticipated and talked about film Inside Out next summer, we know very little about their next project after that, scheduled for November 2015. As you may already know, The Good Dinosaur was scheduled to be released this past May, only to be postponed and have its director removed. After that, the only thing we knew was that the Pixar Brain Trust was working to save the project and a new release date of 25th November, 2015 was scheduled. We haven't heard much about the project until yesterday when /Film broke the news that the film has been "completely reimagined." These words came from actor John Lithgow, who plays the main protagonist's father.

According to Lithgow:
"I recorded the entire role in Good Dinosaur. They have now dismantled it and completely reimagined it, and it is a fantastic new story. So I’m gonna record again on it within the next month. Don’t worry. It’s coming and it’s gonna be better than I ever imagined."
Considering that we barely knew anything about the film, this update comes as huge news. While a complete retooling of the film may seem troubling, it's not the first time Pixar has done, usually this to great results, and Lithgow sounds very optimistic about it. He also offers some little update in the casting.
"But me and Frannie McDormand, we’re still playing Momma and Poppa dinosaur."
So, at least it appears that the same cast that were announced at the 2013 D23 Expo will remain, although we can't know for sure until Pixar give us a solid update. Also, we still don't know who is replacing Bob Peterson in the director's chair (although I have a feeling that co-director Peter Sohn has stepped in). Personally, this update has gotten me excited to see this film and I look forward to seeing how it all ends up!

Are you excited for The Good Dinosaur? Do You think this reimagining is a good thing? Sound off below!

Source: /Film


  1. Well, at least they delayed the release date. If it was released this year, it would've been an absolute trainwreck. I hope it'll turn out ok, despite all the story problems it's been through.

  2. this is good news after all this up and down about this movie ... this is definitely will be a solid movie .
    can't wait for next year to come .

  3. I'd much rather wait for a great movie than get an okay one. Yes, Pixar turned around Toy Story 2 in about 9 months (One of my all-time favorite movies), But I think it's best not to rush a movie. So I'm glad they delayed TGD from it's original release date and I'm sure the changes in TGD are to make it a better film than it was originally going to be.