Wednesday 10 December 2014

Watch: New Inside Out Trailer - The Foot is Down!

Pixar have rolled out the first full trailer for their next film, the Pete Docter-directed Inside Out. And, as has been speculated, the film looks bloody good.

Inside Out, as you're probably aware by now, being the diligent readers of this site that you are, revolves around the emotions inside a young girl's head - not in some angsty, boo-hoo sort of drama way, as in the emotions are the main characters! Up until now, we've all assumed that the only emotions we're going to be seeing are inside said little girl's head. However, this new trailer also introduces us to the emotions of her mum and dad!

As you can imagine, mum's emotions are by far the most sensible ones, if a little sassy and passive-agressive; dad's, though, are somewhat feckless... Funnily, the "control centre" for the dad's emotions is a cross between a sports commentary panel and a military tactical assault room - that is to say, blundering and slightly incompetent...

The trailer is genuinely brilliant: funny, inventive, incredibly promising, classically cartoony, and all those other good things we've come to expect from Pete Docter. And it has a Brazilian helicopter pilot. There tend to be fewer of those in Pete Docter films... Unless I'm massively misremembering the end of Up... But, hey, you didn't come here to read what I thought of the trailer did you? (Unless you did, in which case hooray for you!) So, without further a-faff, check out the new trailer for Inside Out, in cinemas 19th June (US)/24th July (UK) 2015.

I'm pretty sure all the emotions sat about chattering inside my head right now are joy. Maybe a little bit of excitement. The usual plethora of self-loathing and sleepiness seems to have gone for a tea break...

Thoughts on Pixar's latest so far?

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