Tuesday 30 November 2010

The Ghost of Toy Story 3's Past

I'm sure that you're aware that back in 2006, when it looked like Disney and Pixar were going to part ways, Disney founded Circle 7 Animation to create sequels to existing Pixar films, starting with Toy Story 3.

However this version of TS3 was cancelled following the merger in 2006 and Circle 7 subsequently closed.
However, some artwork and story information has just been posted online on Bob & Rob's blog (2 screenwriters that worked on the Circle 7 version), it certainly sounded intriguing, but could it honestly hold a candle to Pixar's version? The plot involves Buzz being recalled to Taiwan and the others trying to help him.

You can check out the story details on Bob & Rob's Blog and some artwork at Jim Hill Media and more pictures on Bob & Rob.

Thanks to Pixar News Australia for letting us know this info.

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