Tuesday 5 April 2011

Cars 2 Viral Campaign Begins

In the same vein as last year's "vintage" Lotso commercials, we now have a viral advert promoting Cars 2. The above video is advertising a "sale-a-bration" blow out at Cars 'n' Deals of Emeryville, California (home of Pixar) and whilst the actual video is really funny, what it leads to is awesome.

For want of not ruining all of your individual discoveries of the "secret" Cars 2 clip, all I'll say is pay close attention to the small glitch in the video. If you absolutely give up follow this link to the "secret" clip.

Nonetheless, the clip is great and offers some new footage and an actual look at the film, however the viral ad is also really good and has lots of Pixar trivia (A113 registration plate anyone?) for us die-hard fans to enjoy.

This got me even more psyched for Cars 2!

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