Monday 10 October 2011

I Called It - Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots

Well, kind of saw something like this coming... following on from a recent string of iPod game/animated film mashups such as Angry Birds Rio and Doodle Jump Hop, we know get Halfbrick and DreamWorks' contribution: Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots.

Personally, I guessed at Fruit Ninja Kung Fu Panda, but I was kind of right, it was a predictable move, but nonetheless, it looks pretty good.

Halfbrick never do anything half way, their games are always brilliant, wonderfully thought through and a pleasure to play; in addition to Fruit Ninja, Halfbrick is also the studio behind Monster Dash, Age of Zombies and, recently, Jetpack Joyride. All brilliant and well reviewed games that frequent the 'Top Paid Apps' section of the iTunes App Store and this game looks set to continue that tradition.

The new game is due to be released on October 20 and to promote it we have the above video, introducing us to some of the new features in the game, including all new 'Bandito' mode, consisting of several challenge levels, including the MONUMENTAL addition of the tomato. In addition to 'Desperado' mode - a rehash of Classic mode.

The game, redesigned to help promote DreamWorks' next feature film, hits the App Store in 10 days.

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