Friday 14 October 2011

New The Muppets Trailer

As its Thanksgiving release date (North America) draws ever closer, Disney and Muppets Studio are laying on the advertising heavy for The Muppets. As, yesterday, we were treated to the second full length official trailer for the newest Muppets film.

This trailer (above), the most spoiler heavy to date (not to say it'll ruin the film, it just reveals quite a bit more about the plot), shows us more of the world's newest Muppet, Walter, and of the relationship of Jason Segel and Amy Adams' respective characters. While a little less nostalgic and emotional than the last trailer, this one is very funny and adds a lot of the spectacle, whimsy and laughter that we now we can definitely expect from the film.

And, be honest, who doesn't want to see Neil Patrick Harris sing Manha Manha?
Complete with singing chickens, the usual comedic gold from Statler and Waldorf, guest stars aplenty and more; all this combines to make The Muppets a can't miss event!

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