Sunday 6 November 2011

The Corner - Week 5 - Luke Reviews Disney Universe

Now that Disney Universe is out around the world I thought, that since I own the game it would be a good idea to review it in the first A113Animation console game review:


I like the way Disney Interactive have tried to craft a story line, but, alas, it doesn't really show much in the game. The main storyline is about the Disney Universe being taken over by evil and you have to save different characters from major Disney/Pixar films. So, while the motivation is there, it just felt a bit lacking in the continuation of the story. Although it is fun to collect characters, I would have thought they would have given the user more than one character from each movie to start off with- I get the idea, it just comes across as a tad underdeveloped. Which brings me onto my next topic:


The characters are part of the main story, you collect them as you complete each location. Unfortunately you have to play the levels twice to unlock every character. So, if you're a person who hates replaying the same level over and over than this game isn't for you. The look and quality of the characters is outstanding. They  really make the game feel like your in a Disney/Pixar movie and are just a joy to play as, making you really feel like part of the action. There are over 30 characters in the game and around 25 of them are to unlock.

Cut Scenes

Now I wanted to add this section in (rather than just including it in the story section) because the cut scenes are absolutely hilarious. Like any of the many LEGO game you have those stupid cut scenes that mean nothing to the game and are only added just to make the game seem livelier, and they succeed. They'll make the game better for the little kiddie target audience, but also sustainable for older users.


WOW. One word to describe the beautiful sounding music in the game. it uses the music from the original Disney/Pixar movies and adds a modern up beat to it. It makes the game play more manageable, hearing some relaxing music even though I'm shouting at the TV screen because of those stupid mini games that make the game what it is.

Personal Comments

My personal opinion is that it's a good game, but that it can become frustrating to play after a while. I love the animation and the backgrounds which make the levels really stand out. The music is the best part of the game for me, but, overall, it's a fun game to play - you just have to be a patient type of person.

Thanks for reading. Next time I will be reviewing Merry Madagascar.


  1. I have got to admit Lukes Reviews are getting alot better recentley. ^_^


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