Friday 4 November 2011

John Lasseter on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The CCO of Pixar and Disney Animation, John Lasseter, was finally honoured a few days ago, receiving his long overdue star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The director of Toy Story and the creative heart of Pixar received this honour on Hollywood Boulevard, in front of the famed El Capitan theatre.

The ceremony marks the 2,453rd star to be placed on the Walk of Fame, and the event (originally scheduled for next June, but likely bumped up due to Cars 2's impending home video release) was attended by many a star who've graced the doors of Pixar through the years; in addition to the Pixar Brain Trust, the ceremony included stars such as Owen Wilson, Don Rickles and John Ratzenberger.

Lasseter undoubtedly deserves it, he's a true genius, a fantastic filmmaker and their are few that deserve it more. Congratulations John Lasseter.

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