Sunday 13 November 2016

'The Croods 2' is Cancelled

Variety reports that DreamWorks Animation and Universal Studios have decided to cancel the planned sequel to the 2013 film The Croods. The Croods 2 was originally supposed to hit theaters in 2017, but was pushed back to 2018 earlier this year.

While it was a Universal Studios (DreamWorks' new parent company) chairman, Donna Langley, that broke the news to the crew, it is rumoured that DreamWorks was already considering cancelling the Croods sequel prior to the Universal deal; which might mean the film wasn't on the right tracks.

Given the success that The Croods was (earning $587 millions against a $135 million budget), this is still a big surprise. New voice actors had even been announced (Leslie Mann and Kat Dennings) back in 2015, and the original cast was set to return.

The people working on the aborted film will now go to other projects, according to an unnamed source in the Variety post.

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