Sunday 26 February 2017

Watch: An Extended Look at 'Cars 3'

Disney/Pixar just released a new trailer - labelled as an extended look - for Cars 3. It's called Next Generation, has a 90 seconds length and you can watch it below.

Like the other promotional videos for the upcoming film, this trailer focuses on the races and Lightning McQueen crashing. This more serious tone has been consistent throughout the whole marketing, and Cars 3 will certainly be a totally different game than Cars 2.
It seems more and more likely that this movie will tie-in nicely with the story of the original Cars, with McQueen's story mirroring the life of Doc Hudson. He is not the rookie we once knew, but an ageing veteran and the new racers (like Jackson Storm) are determined to send him to retirement.

Cars 3, directed by Brian Fee, will open this summer.

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