Thursday 30 December 2010

More Toy Story 3, Circle 7 Version

In the previous few weeks details have come to light about the planned Circle 7 Animation version of Toy Story 3, back when it looked like Disney and Pixar were going to part ways in 2006. We saw several images and plot points on Bob & Rob's blog of the unfinished version of TS3 - here and here - and, whilst I don't think it would have been in the same league as Pixar's version, it certainly doesn't look like the Cheepquels they were described as.

This time, we are treated to a new piece of artwork (above), from Ric Sluiter, that showed Jessie wrangling an out of control vacuum cleaner, as well as an actual extract from the planned screenplay, which you can read here.

I encourage you to read their bog, it's really fun.

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