Wednesday 29 December 2010

Red Carpet Time

It's awards season...

As such, today was the 1st Annual A113Animation Awards Ceremony. A wide range of awards covered all bases in terms of animated films for the past year, it has been a great year for animation, with many good films and a few great ones. However, ultimately, there can be only one winner of the biggest prize we have to offer...

The A113Animation Award for Best Animated Film of 2010 went to...

Toy Story 3!

This really shouldn't come as too big a surprise, Toy Story 3, was a fantastic film, topping nearly every other film this year in terms of depth, originality and genius. However, of note is the huge amount of rethinking that occurred as a result of How to Train Your Dragon; there have been a lot of good animated films this year, like Despicable Me and Megamind, however I was genuinely pleased to find another great film this year, in the form of HTTYD. I really believe that this is DreamWorks' strongest offering since Shrek and it joins Shrek and Kung Fu Panda, as DreamWorks' claim to creating some of the best animated films around. However, it just couldn't topple Toy Story 3, thusly it claims the Oh So Close Award. Pixar continue to impress year by year, but it is a good sign for DreamWorks that they are heading in the right direction - despite 13-18 announced sequels.

Also of note is that, in terms of the People's Choice Award, up until Christmas Eve, Despicable Me was winning. However Despicable Me claims several awards nevertheless: The Breakout Film award, as this film really put newbies Illumination Entertainment on the map, they also claim the Best New Side Character(s) award for the ever adorable Minions.

Here is a breakdown of the awards by film:
  • Toy Story 3 - 4
  • How to Train Your Dragon - 3
  • Despicable Me - 2
  • Megamind - 0
  • Shrek Forever After - 0
I encourage you to check out the full awards page and to leave your thoughts and personal picks in this posts' comment section. On a side note, my favourite non-animated film of the year was Inception.

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