Tuesday 11 January 2011

Toy Story 3, 2 More For Your Consideration Ads

Merely weeks after Disney and Pixar rolled out a gargantuan 12 new For Your Consideration ads for Pixar's Blockbuster of the Summer, Toy Story 3, we get 2 more For Your Consideration Ads for its Best Picture push.

The first (above) is the latest in the series of "Not Since..." ads spoofing previous best picture winners, this one parodies Midnight Cowboy. The second ad (below) promotes Lee Unkrich as Best Director and gives some of the countless achievements and awards heaped on Toy Story 3 (I notice they didn't include my award) and is one of my favourite ads to date.

There's not long left until nominations are announced, I hope Toy Story 3 can do it, but I guess only time will tell. Stay tuned.

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