Thursday 13 January 2011

Yet More Cars 2 Information

Over the past few weeks and months, we have received absolutely hordes of information regarding Pixar's next release, Cars 2. Last week we were treated to character shots and bios, a foreign poster and a Lightning McQueen Showroom Turntable, this week we got yet more information regarding the high octane sequel. We got another character turntable (above) for the 007 style Aston Martin, Finn McMissile - one of the coolest looking characters I've seen out of Pixar in a few years -, McMissile is to be voiced by British legend Michael Caine, you can watch the above video with the 007 theme music over the top (made by me) here or here in HD

We also got information on a new character (or CARacter - tehe), called Francesco Bernoulli (above), an Italian F1 Character. Whilst we've never heard of Francesco before, we have seen him before, in the first piece of Cars 2 concept art (below) with Lightning McQueen. It's been reported that the picture is artwork for some upcoming merchandise by Stitch Kingdom, so he is presumably quite an important character.

Finally, Pixar News Australia posted this new Cars 2 poster, a variant of the previous one featuring some of the main characters. It looks pretty awesome.

I'm really revved up (man, I'm hilarious today) for Cars 2 and super hyped for June (well... July here in the U.K.). Thanks to Pixar News Australia and The Pixar Times.

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