Saturday 8 January 2011

The Incredibles Blu Ray Release Date, Cars Re-Release

Earlier in the year, the first trailer for the Blu Ray release of the Incredibles made its way online, and yesterday we got yet more information regarding this release. We have been given an April 12th release date for the long awaited BD release of Brad Bird's 2004 action masterpiece, also have given us our first look at the artwork for the Blu Ray release, as well as an updated list of new bonus features, in addition to the ones from the 2004 DVD:

The Incredibles Revisited (Filmmaker’s Roundtable)
• Paths to Pixar: Story Artist
• Studio Stories: Gary’s Birthday
• Ending With a Bang: Making the End Credits
• Interactive "New Nomanisan Island" Top Secret Redevelopment Plan

Could the "New Nomanisan Island" Top Secret Redevelopment Plan be a lead in to, or build up for, the long anticipated sequel? is now taking pre-orders for the 4 disc (Blu Ray, DVD and Digitial Copy) of the Incredibles.

On a side note, Cars is set to be re-released on Blu Ray, with the above artwork, on the same day, presumably to build hype for Cars 2. Also, both releases come with an admission ticket for the release of Cars 2.

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