Friday 25 February 2011

I'm Back! - Animation News Catch-Up

Apologies for the week long hiatus guys, but even I need a holiday once in a while. Nonetheless, I'm now back. With that being said, look forward to a massive horde of updates over the next couple of days, including:
  • All of the news in the animation world that I've missed over the past week, and believe me, there's a lot!
  • Some brand new blog features, including Facebook intergration, new logos, word of the week section and... a mysyterious competition page!
  • A review of David A. Price's The Pixar Touch book!
  • My first ever uploaded drawing!
However, I have a funny story from my holiday; whilst turning on the somewhat questionably limited holiday TV that we had in our hotel, the first progrmme that came up was The Incredibles (in Spanish). It seems I can never escape animation! This leads me into a news feed, below we have a sneak peak at one of the many new features for The Incredibles' Blu Ray release, Nomanisan Island Redevelopment Plan.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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