Sunday 27 March 2011

Rumour: Monsters, Inc. 2 to be Helmed by New Director

You've met Floyd Norman before. The notorious Disney blabbermouth who has a tendency to leak things on Twitter, last year he was the first to report that Newt was cancelled, most recently he leaked plot details about Pixar's upcoming Toy Story Toon, Hawaiian Vacation; and now he strikes again. Over the past couple of days, Norman has gave us the most information we've received about Monsters, Inc. 2 since the prequel rumours.

Floyd tweeted earlier this week that he'd just seen a screening of "Monsters2", he later tweeted that it is "Nice to see a new director helming Pixar's "Monsters2." Very refreshing.", this spurred all kinds of guesses as to whom this may be.

The Pixar Times has some interesting ideas as to who this director may be, the main choice to come up is one that I would very much like to see as a director, Bob Peterson. The co-director of Up and voice of Roz in the original Monsters, Inc. has never served as a solo director and it would be great to see Bob - who served as a storyboard artist in the first film - helm the sequel. However, it could be a new director all together, a la Lee Unkrich's fantastic effort with Toy Story 3. I guess only time will tell, nonetheless I trust Pixar to make the right choice.

On a side note, Pixar Talk has an article interviewing Pixar's Tom McCarthy, about MI1 director, Pete Docter's next feature; described as "ambitious".

Can't wait to here more about Pixar's 14th feature film, as Norman says "Pixar will tell you when they're ready".

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